American Idol: Mom, God and Lauren


I think it's all over. Scotty did the best he could with three weak, uninteresting songs, proving that he'll have a fine career as a country singer once he's out from under the iron grip of the Idol contracts. But Lauren Alaina is poised to become the least talented singer ever to win American Idol, largely because she's got the votes of all those people who have nothing better to do than sit around for four hours after the show ends and send thousands of text votes on their phones.

Oh: and because of Mom.

Lauren's final song -- the one that will be released as a single if she wins -- was all about Mom. Oh, and God. She prays like her mom does, la, la, la. In the middle of singing she went and hugged her mom in the audience.

Look: Scotty's got a mom, too. And he loves Jesus as much as any country crooner. But his final song didn't make anyone in the audience weep, and this the the Year of the Weep, so I think he's done.

Too bad. He was never my first choice, but he's at least good at what he does.  


Just one more night and I can go back to watching baseball. Go Giants.