Ears of the Beholder outdoor show at El Rio

The guys of Phantom Kicks and a very familiar underpass

An afternoon show under fruit trees and bright sunshine is always nice, but a line-up of super chill local music is extra conducive to ideal weekend mentality. As long as the weather keeps up its good behavior, Saturday's Ears of the Beholder four-band showcase will be a total hit and a great introduction to some homegrown electro-pop.

Ears of the Beholder is a pretty rad indie-music blog, started by an San Francisco guy named Peter in 2008. The site promotes a lot of great shows around the city, handpicked with the best intentions. Start with beer, dab your beak with sunscreen and don't forget the layers; the show may start early at the lovely El Rio, but it won't wrap until after sunset. The ticket price also includes food, which means you won't have to run-off mid-set for dinner and instead, you're encouraged to plop down for a full evening. Take a listen to the line-up:

Phantom Kicks

This SF band keeps things feather-light with pretty, super mellow guitars. They're minimalist post-rock that's super easy on the ears and their new synth addition is sure to add in a sweet surge of electro-pop. 


Blackbird Blackbird

The mystical chimes, mermaid voices, and super glassy synth melodies of San Francisoc's Blackbird Blackbird wash over your senses in slow-motion. They're a perfect soundtrack for underwater swimming.


Old Arc

These Santa Cruz guys keep things psychedelic, but add in a heavier, more danceable punch. Their random bag of tricks switches up quick and the super diverse samples insures things stay uber fresh from track to track.



The honest, fragile vocals from this Oakland native are compelling enough, but then he adds in pianos and totally weird racing beats. There's something twisted about the combinations he throws and the unpredictability of it all keeps you along for the bright ride. 



Sat./18, 3 p.m., $8

El Rio

3158 Mission Street, SF


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