Madlib’s Medicine Show returns to SF

The producer works on his magnum opus.

The final album to Madlib’s 13-part Medicine Show is scheduled to be released this month, capping a series that may prove to be the producer’s magnum opus. Through 12 albums, already he has journeyed through genres – hip-hop, dub, soundtrack music, free jazz, soul, psychedelic rock. He sampled music from around the world – Brazil, Africa,
Jamaica. He culled work from different eras – records from the 1970s, his own unreleased tracks from the '90s, new productions from today.

When not delving into his massive record collection and producing mixtapes as the Beat Konducta, Madlib goes by a variety of different production aliases, ranging from the
warped-voice lyricism of Lord Quasimoto to the jazz-themed stylings of Yesterday’s New Quintet. He gained new fans in 2004 when he collaborated with rapper MF Doom to form Madvillain and combined blunted beats with heavy, slurred rhymes on album Madvillainy (Stones Throw). Rumors are circulating that the duo is working on an eagerly awaited sequel. Meanwhile, Madlib still remains tapped into the hip-hop scene, recently teaming with Black Star (emcees Talib Kweli and Yassim Bey, formerly known as Mos Def) to produce new track “Fix Up.”

So what does Madlib have in mind for the Mighty crowd on Fri/19? The flyer for Mighty says it’s Madlib’s Medicine Show with Stone Throw mate J-Rocc. Maybe we’ll get to hear
snippets of Medicine Show 13. Maybe Lord Quas launches into a helium-noted harangue on the police. Maybe Madlib spins Krautrock. Really, it could be anything.

With J-Rocc
Fri/19, 9 p.m., $25
119 Utah, SF
(415) 762-0151