Nite Trax: Nebakaneza's top 10 dubstep tracks of 2011

Nebakaneza knows

DJ Nebakaneza of the always raging Ritual Dubstep weekly (every Thursday, 9pm-3am at Temple) has one of the finest ears on the dubstep scene and a generous taste when it comes to the often narrowly defined genre. The Anonymous-like masked mixer has definitely turned us on to some great tunes this year. Here's his tops in the wobble department for 2011:

10. Natty Freq, "Luna Obscura," Wizard Piss EP

Natty Freq - Luna Oscura (SB004 Clip) by Natural Frequency

9. Gomes, "Lower State," Lower State EP


8. Bratkilla, "Underworld," Deathstep

7. TKR, "Cluster Bomb," Divergent Paths Vol. 2

[PL017] _ TKR - Cluster Bomb - Out now on Divergent Paths Vol2! by ParadiseLostRecordings

6. Silkie featuring Truth, "Feel," City Limits Vol. 2 

5. Genetix, "Stealth," Beast Mode EP

Genetix - Stealth by Genetix Dubstep

4. Vinja, "Bombassador," Bombassador/Flute Loop EP

Vinja - Bombassador by Vinja

3. Disonata, "Evoke," Form Your Path/Evoke EP

Evoke / Form Your Path OUT NOW on DiaMind Records on 12" and WEB by Disonata

2. 501, "White Lies," Dubstep Dubplates Volume 1

1. Aya, "In Too Deep," Not Here To Mingle EP

BONUS! Check out Nebakaneza mixing blindfolded:

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