Nite Trax: DJ Pickpocket's top 11 parties of 2011

Watch your pockets ...

Wily DJ Pickpocket of the invaluable roving Donuts parties -- which combine forward-thinking, often experimental live acts with crazy-fun dancing and DJs, plus donuts! -- offers some of her best party experiences from a busy year spent on the local scene. She's got a wild night planned for us tomorrow, Fri/30, at SF's Public Works for the Donuts anniversary-birthday party with Gavin Russom, LA Vampires, and Magic Touch. Here are her Pickpocket '11 party picks:

1) Icee Hot with Anthony Shakir at Public Works
"Detroit legend Anthony “Shake” Shakir has been making techno music for more than 20 years, and I think this was his first time in SF. He played an epic set and Brooklyn's Creep opened up."

2) Sunset Campout with Larry Heard, Steve Summers live,  Miracles Club live in Belden, CA

"Imagine an entire town on a river turned into a house music party zone for an entire weekend. Cabins, tents, a crazy soundsystem, floaties, live acts, and the legendary Larry Heard, a.k.a. Mr. Fingers. It was unreal!"

3) No Way Back & Honey Soundsystem with Virgo Four (live!) at Public Works
"Merwyn Sanders and Eric Lewis (a.k.a.Virgo Four) put out a seminal house album in 1989 straight out of Chicago. in 2011, they put out Resurrection, a massive batch of previously unheard and unreleased material from 1984 to 1990. This legendary duo played a memorable live set in the intimate Oddjob Loft at Public Works."

4) Omar Souleyman at Mezzanine
"Coming all the way from Syria, Omar Souleyman played a sweaty party with his funky folk and boogie pop sounds of Syria. The whole crowd was bobbing up and down in a sweaty craze."

5) Sweaterfunk with Dam Funk at Li Po Lounge
"Dam Funk got really intimate with old friends and fans to a free party in the basement of Lipo Lounge on a Sunday night. Playing obscure boogie tracks and MCing on the mic, he won everyone's hearts and got the whole crowd dancing til they turned the lights on at 1:30am."

6) Donuts and No Way Back with Optimo and Mi Ami at Public Works
"JD Twitch and Jonnie WIlkes of Glasgow are better known as Optimo, the duo not only are amazing DJs but are known for throwing their crazy Optimo Espacio parties in Glasgow with live acts. Mi Ami (who have actually been a guest at Optimo Espacio in Scotland) opened up for them, playing a dancey live set to a sweaty crowd in the Oddjob Loft at Public Works."

7) As You Like It, Donuts, and No Way Back with Mike Huckaby, Steffi, and Beautiful Swimmers at Public Works
"All-star lineup, two floors, about 900 people dancing until almost 4am. Need I say more? Beautiful Swimmers killed it in the Oddjob Loft with their mix of everything from disco to italian house, Mike Huckaby opened up for Steffi in the main room--and the crowd wouldn't stop dancing even when the lights came on."

8) Sunset Boat Party with Magic Touch live at Sunset Boat Party
"Sunset has been throwing amazing parties in the woods, on boats and in underground spacessince the 90's.  If you've never experienced one of the boat parties it's something you have to experience at least once. Imagine dancing to live or DJed dance music on the upper deck while floating underneath a full moon or swaying on the main dancefloor with views of the city and the Golden Gate Bridge through the windows."

9) Icee Hot with Omar S and Jackmaster at Public Works
"Detroit legend Omar S played an amazing set of classic house and Detroit techno in the sweaty upstairs Oddjob Loft Halloween weekend."

10) Donuts with Legowelt, Miracles Club, Xosar, Tres Lingerie at Public Works
"Donuts presented a night with numerous live electronic acts. Tres Lingerie opened up with their boogie disco songs fronted with vocals by the charismatic James Anthony, Miracles Club delivered a 90's era house performance complete with stage dancer Ryan Boyle, and to top it off the dark synth debut live set by Xosar, as Clone describes as "occult-tinged public access house music". Dutch electronic genius Danny Wolfers, aka Legowelt joined her and ventured off into his solo live set which closed the night."

11) L.A. Vampires at High Fantasy, Aunt Charlie's Lounge
"High Fantasy is one of the most fun and unique weekly parties in San Francisco. Hosted by the infamous Alexis Blair Penney and Myles Cooper, this night brings together drag queens, gay boys, straight music lovers, and hot girls to the dance floor for some of the most underground dance music. LA Vampires is the solo venture of Amanda Brown. Amanda is also the founder of 2011′s most talked-about labels 100% Silk. The impact and influence of 100% Silk, was huge this year. 100% Silk harked back to a time in club music when energy and attitude were more important than polished production."

***BONUS! The Beat Electric Dance Show 2 at Mezzanine
"What is actually 2011 footage of San Francisco's club night "The Beat Electric Dance Show 2" looks like found footage from golden disco's past, not just thanks to the added VHS grain, but because of what appears to be totally unbridled nightlife bliss at Mezzanine. The Beat Electric dance show had live VHS video taping of dancers on the stage, on the dancefloor to Beat Electric DJs and an epic live set by Magic Touch with a crazy guitar solo by Josh Anzano. Tres Lingerie and Corinne also played, and HOTTUB and Jihaari T were MC's for the night."


woooow. so many house legends

Posted by jackin on Dec. 29, 2011 @ 1:05 pm

thank You Kat!!!! was a pleasure working with you and Damon this year. Hopefully much more to come in the year(s) ahead xo

Posted by Guest on Dec. 29, 2011 @ 3:27 pm

"Beautiful Swimmers killed it in the Oddjob Loft " ...I agree....holy hell!!! the most fun set anywhere by anyone ALL year... with Craig Smith coming close in May for me. But seriously Beautiful Swimmers knocked it out the park! The whole thing had such a good vibe and it was all the better that they were having as much fun as everyone on the floor. SF DJs and promoters made for some memorable nights out, no doubt! thanks yall!!!

Posted by Guest on Dec. 29, 2011 @ 5:24 pm

at Public Works Friday night Dec 30th!

$5 before 10:30/$10 after. Doors at 9:30!
161 Erie st (off mission st between 14/15th st)

"When Donuts started out half a decade ago it was the little party that could. It’s still around, isn’t so little and still can, which their 5 year year anniversary party at Public Works on December 30th will prove beyond doubt. As per usual with Pickpocket & co. the line up is varied, exciting and on the money. Gavin Russom, LA Vampires, Bobby Browser and Magic Touch all play on this one. It’s a New York City collides with Los Angeles kinda night.

Russom came up in the formidable DFA camp in the mid-noughties when the label was wreaking havoc with acts such as LCD Soundsystem, The Rapture and Black Dice. He has released music on the label as Black Leotard Front, Black Meteoric Star and The Crystal Ark as well as working collaboratively with Delia Gonzalez. He has also built instruments for DFA camp members James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy.

LA Vampires, Bobby Browser and Magic Touch all represent Los Angeles, or the west coast in general as Magic Touch and Bobby Browser hail from our own fair city of San Frandisco. These acts have their material released on LA’s wonderful 100% Silk label, the dance arm of the Not Not Fun imprint, which is home to Maria Minerva, Rangers and Dylan Ettinger among many, many others. LA Vampires is a project by label co-owner, Amanda Brown and the entire night is a record release partay for Bobby Browser’s new 12 inch single on 100% Silk. Magic Touch, aka Damon Palermo, of Jonas Reinhardt and drummer of Mi-Ami, put out the “I Can Feel The Heat” EP on the label earlier this year. It featured Honey Owens from The Miracles Club and created a bit of a stir with its ’90s disco-house vibrations.

It will be a 100% not not fun evening and you will be there and that’s the end of it and the end of this blog post. So don’t be glazy and we’ll see you on the floor at the works tomorrow night."

Posted by Pickpocket on Dec. 30, 2011 @ 2:32 am

great list! I assume you missed Theo Parish at PW!

Posted by thickframes on Dec. 31, 2011 @ 1:37 pm
Posted by Guest on Jan. 04, 2012 @ 5:23 am

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