Localized Appreesh: Ash Reiter

Ash Reiter doesn't mind the sun.

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Call it youthful summer abandon or fresh-baked pop, but there's something about Ash Reiter's song and Perez Bros-directed video “Heatwave” that melts the ice of a chilled and cubed SF day. Whether it's the the lilting melody, surfy plucking, stoop sing-along, or the perfectly-cast ice cream man offering up too many dripping frozen treats, it's hard to wipe that sticky grin off your face. That is, until you see the ice cream man's crestfallen face, realizing it's just too much sugar.

Fun fact: Ash Reiter is both the cheery lead singer/elementary school music teacher, and the eponymous band name. The indie pop five-piece has played with MGMT and been featured on Daytrotter, released the Heatwave EP late last year and followed that up with Christmas in California. About to embark on a Pacific Northwest tour, Ash Reiter will celebrate its return to SF with a Noise Pop show Feb. 21 at Bottom of the Hill. But before all of that, a stop at Amnesia this week.

Year and location of origin: 2008 in the East Bay.

Band name origin: My mom and pops gave it to me. In college my band was called Drunken Boat (like the Rimbaud poem) but another band by the same name started hassling me about so I decided to just go by my own name.

Band motto: What would Paul McCartney, Bryan Wilson, The Strokes, Feist, Grizzly Bear, The Talking Heads, or Jolie Holland do?

Description of sound in 10 words or less:
Sunny intelligent retro indie pop with a folk twist.

Instrumentation: Ash - guitar, vocals, Will - drums, vocals, Drew – guitar, Scott – bass, Anthony - keys, vocals

Most recent release: Six song EP - Heatwave. Plus we're mixing a full-length called Hola right now.

Best part about life as a Bay Area band:
I'm from here but I'm always discovering new places and people. I like living close to my nana.

Worst part about life as a Bay Area band: Touring - you have to drive so far to get to the next big city- it's not like East Coast where you can pop from city to city.

First record/cassette tape/or CD ever purchased
: Prince's Batman Soundtrack.

Most recent record/cassette tape/CD/or Mp3 purchased/borrowed from the Web: St Vincent - Actor is my latest purchase and obsession.

Favorite local eatery and dish: House of Curries - chicken tikka masala with potato nan.

Ash Reiter
With Chrystian Rawk (record release), Anna Ash, and the Heather Band
2/4, 9 p.m., $7
853 Valencia, SF
(415) 970-0012

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