Splinter sound: Bayonics' side projects take the stage tonight

Bayonics' very Bernie photoshoot last year on the Guardian roof.

Normally, when the white-hot energy that first surrounds a music project fades, there is drama to be had. Obviously. You're sneaking around on the group with that guitarist? Do you really think your lyrics will hit the same notes with that other emcee? Maybe it's because Bayonics have been around the block, but apparently this local funk-hip-hop-soul-R&B mega-group has few jealousy issues: the collective will be showcasing its members' next steps tonight (Wed/29) at "Leapstock 2012" a showcase taking over the top floor of Elbo Room.

Here's some of the crew that'll be fanning out tonight: 

Starship Connection: Intergalactic badmen? Now that's good press release language. Starship Connection is a future-forward electronic-leaning project headed by DJ B. Bravo, who has enjoyed commercial success with the Red Bull Music Academy in the past. Starship carries on the grand tradition of space funk. Blast off, hey. 

Shamilah Ivory: This lady has PIPES. Normally supplying vocals for Bayonics, she's taking centerstage tonight for a solo set. 

Hot Pocket: By my count, there are few things more crowd-pleasing than a Hot Pocket set. HP is Bayonics minaturized: four of the original group's members play covers of classics, usually from the '90s, usually R&B. I think the term is panty-dropping for the effect this group has on the 20-something to 60-something female contingent. 

Roja and Elive: Bayonics drummer and founding member Pedro Gomez describes the collaboration between Bayonics' frontman and El Hurwitz as "electro boogie dance funk." We'll see what they have to bring -- this is one of the duo's first public performances. 

Plus there will be rumored sets by DJ Teeko, Batucci Brothers, and Fog City Mavericks. The only thing: how the hell are they going to get this many groups onstage in four hours? Bless, Bayonics. 

Leapstock 2012: Bayonics showcase

Feat. Hot Pocket, Shamilah Ivory, Roja and Elive, Fog City Mavericks, Analog Starship, Starship Connection, and Batuci Brothers

Wed/29 9 p.m., $10

Elbo Room

647 Valencia, SF

(415) 552-7788