In their words: party people from the Guardian's Club Action cover


Last week we got to photograph folks from several different corners of the Bay Area nightlife scene for Marke B's Club Action cover story. Listen to them talk to Guardian art director Mirissa Neff and contributing photographer Matthew Reamer about what they love to do when they're out and about in the wee hours.

Cookie Dough, The Monster Show:

cookiedough by SFBayGuardianSounds

DJ Love Gun, Iron Maiden Lane at Otis:

djlovegun by SFBayGuardianSounds

davO and Krylon Superstar, Electro-Hop duo Double Duchess:

doubleduchess by SFBayGuardianSounds


Odie Kim, Flo-ology House Dance Crew:

odiekim by SFBayGuardianSounds


Vicki Virk, Non Stop Bhangra:

vickivirk by SFBayGuardianSounds


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