Localized Appreesh: The Myonics

Class picture day with the Myonics.

Localized Appreesh is our weekly thank-you column to the musicians that make the Bay. To be considered, contact emilysavage@sfbg.com.

Older sister band to previously profiled rabble-rousers Symbolick Jews, offensive psych-rock locals the Myonics just released their new, aptly-titled LP, Pagans. Richard Hell, Syd Barrett, and pioneering Japanese electronic act Yellow Magic Orchestra all equally inspired the record. Can’t really go wrong with that mix, right?

Plus, a super-special limited edition vinyl purchase of Pagans includes “occult figurines, religious and faux-religious artifacts, found objects and stolen mantelpieces personalized by the band” – along with the requisite download code.

So let’s take a sloppy punk-as-fuck attitude (“I Don’t Give a Fuck About You”), throw down some truncated pop hits mixed with meandering psychedelia then plop in some beep-beep, knob-twisting digi-organisms, and you could extract the very essence of the Myonics. Or you could buy the record. Or you could see it performed live this Friday at Lost Church.

Year and location of origin: 2006 in Los Angeles.

Band name origin: A made-up word meant to sound scientific and possessive.

Band motto: Either "That's a really hot shot" or "We'll figure it out."

Description of sound in 10 words or less: The end is nigh.

Instrumentation: 1-3 guitars, electric bass, 1-2 drum kits, electric autoharp, trumpet, cheap synths, microcasette recorder, and some vocals

Most recent release: Pagans, a full-length long playing vinyl record containing 10 concise pop masterworks. The album's also available in a "Special Edition" - folk objects personalized by the band with a download code affixed to them. Buy either online here. Or better yet, come to the shows and save yourself the shipping charge (by giving us more money). Also available at Amoeba Music.

Best part about life as a Bay Area band: Living on the edge of destruction is creatively stimulating.

Worst part about life as a Bay Area band: Living on the edge of destruction is stressful. There are also way too many bands here and we're claustrophobic.

First album ever purchased:
Jasper - The Beatles - Yesterday...and Today (on cassette)
Nat - The Backstreet Boys - Millennium (I think)
Tom - In Utero
Eric - Midnight Oil - Species Deceases
Brian - Queen - LIVE Killers
Billy - Peter Pan (soundtrack)

Most recent album purchased/downloaded: 
Jasper - Tom Verlaine – Cover
Nat - Wax Idols - No Future
Tom - Starsailor (tired of memorizing the scratches on my mp3s, i finally got the vinyl)
Eric - Emily's Sassy Lime - Desperate, Scared, But Social [ed. note – rad]
Brian - Sun Ra - It's After The End of the World
Billy - The Tornadoes - Meet The Tornadoes

Favorite local eatery and dish:
Jasper - The Great Koonaklaster's Strawberry Ice Cream Sodas or Eddy's Steakburgers.
Nat - The taco truck on Harrison near 19th street; veggie tacos.
Tom - Eggplant with Tofu at Chili Cha Cha 2.
Eric - "I got nothin.'"
Brian - The pizza at Golden Boy's.
Billy - Redwood Cafe - Meditation Plate.

The Myonics
With the Wounded Stag
Fri/16, 8:30 p.m.
Lost Church
65 Capp, SF

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