Coachella Day 1: Girls, EMA, WU LYF, Mazzy Star, Pulp, more


All photos by Eric Lynch

I guess the story of the first day was the weather. Everyone checking their iPhones for what time the rain would begin.  And it eventually came, not SF rain, but a startling event none the less for Coachella.

Intermittent showers and sprinkles throughout the day (after 4:30 ish). Fans got creative using garbage bags or just ignored it altogether, in their hipster finery.  By the end of the day there were shivering shirtless Coachella bros everywhere.  

M83 was astounding. They were a definite crowd favorite. 

I almost peed my pants leaning on the speakers in front of Amon Tobin ISAM.

There were a lot of crabby people for Mazzy Star (too quiet, no lights, plus rain equals crabby twenty somethings who have no idea really who Hope Sandoval is and seemed unwilling to give her a chance.)

While I think Pulp is old news, Jarvis Cocker really brought out the camp and strutted the stage like he meant it. 

WU LYF: simple clean and unpretentious as one can be with an affected voice like that.

Girls are not very photogenic but the crowd was wild for them. The three background singers brought it up a notch.