Heads Up: 7 must-see concerts this week

Toys that Kill, straight outta 'Pedro.

Weirdo jazz, San Pedro punks, free daytime brewery parties, the highly desirable remains of the Misfits, and more, in this week's Heads Up.

Just a lot of great shows you should be going to, alright? Apologies. Didn't mean to snap at you. Sadly, that's about all I can muster post-Bay to Breakers. The sun-baked, beer-soaked ragers and blistering top 40 pumping all morning and through the night rubbed my Divisadero-based brain the wrong way. Hope everyone's houses are still standing, and may they be free of the retched urine stain.

Let the bloody chaos — err, week of mind-bending and enthusiastically nutty shows — begin yet again. Here are your must-see Bay Area concerts this week/end:

San Francisco Offside Festival
This fest is a brief but fascinating look into the current world of jazz, including an experimental night at El Valenciano with modern “garage jazz” quartet Bait & Switch, and brand new quintet These Are Our Hours, which features members of the Oakland Active Orchestra. The second night at 50 Mason Social House explores straight-forward contemporary jazz, focusing on three Bay Area composers (bassist Marcus Shelby, trumpeter Erik Jekabson, and guitarist Alex Pinto) and their respective trios. Night three's location is under wraps for now, but the fest promises to deliver an evening of “genre-expanding music that intersects jazz in distinctive ways.”
Thu/24, 8pm, $10 per night or $25 for festival pass
El Valenciano
1135 Valencia, SF

Fri/25, 8pm, $10 per night or $25 for festival pass
50 Mason Social House, SF

Sat/26, check www.sfoffside.com

I Break Horses
“Listen to "Winter Beats" from 2011's Hearts, and you'll probably have Stockholm, Sweden's I Break Horses figured as a purely dreamy, slightly cold shoegazing act. Just listen to those mesmerizing synth arpeggios and slow, distantly winsome vocals. But as soon as the snares start cracking on "Wired" and build into a beat that a person could actually bounce around a bit too, some of the ice starts melting away” -- Ryan Prendiville
With Silver Swans, DJs Omar and Aaron
Thu/24, 9:30pm, $14 Advance
Rickshaw Stop
155 Fell, SF
(415) 861-2011

Toys That Kill
Toys That Kill is back! That instantly likeable F.Y.P. offshoot –  with the same snot-nosed, sugared up forever young yelps of singer Todd and jubilant pop punk spirit – has finally released a new album Fambly 42, out this month on Todd's iconic San Pedro label, Recess Records. The band tours to Oakland this weekend for night two of 1-2-3-4 Go! Records’ Go Go fest. 
With Avengers, the Bananas, Fleshies, Terry Malts
Fri/25, 9pm, $12
New Parish
579 18th Street  Oakl.
(510) 444-7474

Jaberi & Deutsch
Full disclosure: Deutsch is an old pal. But Jaberi is a brand new face, and he's got the crackling R&B vocal pipes that round out this East Bay-based, lo-fi keyboard duo.
With Lake, Half-Handed Cloud
Sat/26, 9:30pm, $8
1131 Polk, SF
(415) 923-0923

Terry Malts
Punk-minded chainsaw pop act Terry Malts (also On the Rise alums) play this free, all-ages show at a brewery this weekend. Beer, Malts, and – fingers crossed – sunshine. What possible reason could you have to not go?
With Uzi Rash, Synthetic I.D., Yi
Sat/26, 4-9pm, free
Speakeasy Ales & Lagers
1195 Evans, SF
Facebook: PosDes+Speakeasy Present

Danzig with Doyle performing The Misfits
Dying to catch singer (Glenn) Danzig and guitarist Doyle (Wolfgang von Frankenstein), back to muscle-y back, singing something about skulls (“I want your skull”), death, ladies (“She was virgin vixen”), Halloween (“Hallo-weeeeen”), or other ghoulish, fist-pumping Misfits delights? This may be your last chance – last caress, if you will. Neither is a current member of the theatrical hardcore band, but they were the ones – along with Doyle's brother Jerry – who essentially started it all.
With Kyng, Monstro
Sun/27, 8pm, $38
982 Market, SF

Lazer Sword
The formerly SF-based electro duo returns this week for an album release party, celebrating their sophomore album, Memory (Monkeytown), a stripped down, “more emotional, [more] adult,” and “sleeker, sexier” affair from the previously ADD act. Stream here.
Icee Hot with DJ Stingray
Sun/27, 10pm, $5 before 11pm; $10 after
161 Erie, SF
(415) 932-0955

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