Behind the scenes at Nick Waterhouse's cover shoot

Nick Waterhouse photographed at the Swedish American Hall
Photo by Matthew Reamer

In this week's issue Landon Moblad profiles retro rock purveyor Nick Waterhouse. Here are a few audio clips from Nick's shoot at the Swedish American Hall with photographer Matthew Reamer. Nick talks about why he's excited to play San Francisco's Verdi Club (tonight), and sums up how he's usually summed up by the press.



Additionally we had to scramble at the last minute to find a guitar for the shoot because Nick's bandmates had taken his with them in their tour van. Finding the right guitar for someone with such a specific style was no small task but fortunately Nick knew where to look... just one block down 15th Street to Peacock Music. The small 37 year old guitar store is in the process of moving to Bernal Heights and we had the chance to chat with its owner Noah Peacock about the shop's history and what's coming up. Have a listen: