Snap Sounds: Sébastien Tellier


By Irwin Swirnoff


His last record was called Sexuality, and tapped into the most up front and direct body moving songs of his career, but Sébastien Tellier has always made music dripping with raw sensuality. His latest album sheds the immediate dance-pop sensibility of his last offering and finds him delving deep once again in a more nuanced, textured, and left of center romantic pop approach.

Much like one of his French forefather, Serge Gainsbourg, Tellier has the ability to play with genre while always keeping his signature vision and infectious charisma. My God Is Blue sounds like the sensation of soft touches across your body in bed with a window cracked and slight clouds of steam flowing up and down around you. Others try so hard to be suave, but with Tellier it flows naturally.