Heads Up: 8 must-see concerts this week

Bleached, in a haze of its own making.

This is a week of ebullient greetings and sorrowful goodbyes. So long Snoop Dogg, welcome Snoop Lion's Reincarnated. Back down on earth – and more pertinent to concert-goers in the Bay Area this week – we'll open our arms to the Yolks, finally on a proper tour. And say nice to see you again to Buraka Som Sistema, and welcome return to Peaking Lights (the duo met here).

And with a single tear rolling down the cheek, we'll shout bon voyage to the current repertoire of Extra Action Marching Band, in this form at least – they'll surely regroup with some magical new production soon enough.

Here are your must-see Bay Area concerts this week/end:

With the demise of their former band, Mika Miko, LA sisters Jessica and Jennifer Clavin dusted themselves off, imbibed in a steady liquid diet of early melodic punk, girl group pop, and woozy psychedelia, and formed infectious, so-very-California quartet Bleached.
With DIIV, Lenz
Wed/1, 8pm, $12
Rickshaw Stop
155 Fell, SF
(415) 861-2011

Hood Internet
The Chicago-based mashups artists (duo ABX and STV SLV) of Hood Internet have long been hailed as the Next Big Thing in the bridge between hip-hop and alternative rock/indie pop – if you think that sounds like something straight out of ’96 Lollapalooza (or perhaps, Homerpalooza), you wouldn’t be too far off. Recent mashups include Danny Brown vs. Dirty Projectors, and then there's new single “Won't Fuck Us Over,” which started as a cover of the National's “Mr. November,” and features BBU, Annie Hart, and Hart's screaming baby.
Wed/1, 9pm, $14
628 Divisadero, SF
(415) 771-1421

The Yolks
Here's yet another act from the Windy City. Chicago's three-chord rock'n'rollers the Yolks are hauling a Hammond Organ out during this, their first actual tour after five years as a band. Though they've yet to travel, you may already know their sound thanks to our own Nobunny – he covered “Somewhere New” on his first LP, Love Visions. This week, Nobunny gave the Yolks another boost by enthusiastically noodging social networking fans, “GO SHOW ‘EM SOME LOVE.” You heard the bunny.
With the Okmoniks, the Shrouds
Thu/2, 9:30pm, $7
3223 Mission, SF
(415) 550-6994

Buraka Som Sistema
“Buraka's a reportedly rough and tumble neighborhood in Lisbon; Som Sistema quickly translates to "sound system"; put it together and you have a partying collective of DJs, producers, MCs, and dancers spreading the Angolan-originated, techno and hip-hop influenced genre of kuduro. Understanding Portuguese is not a prerequisite, as the group's seemingly competitive desire to hype up a crowd, proves immediate and universal.” – Ryan Prendiville
Thu/2, 9pm, $20
628 Divisadero, SF
(415) 771-1421

Judgement Day
Progressive string-metal band Judgement Day should be in high spirits this weekend – the San Francisco trio will be celebrating the release of its third full-length, Polar Shift at Bottom of the Hill. It's the violin and cello-packed follow-up to 2010's epic Peacocks/Pink Monsters. Check action-packed single "Forest Battle" below.
With Giant Squid, A Sun That Never Sets
Fri/3, 10pm, $10
Bottom of the Hill
1233 17th St., SF
(415) 621-4455

Peaking Lights
“Originally from the Bay Area, Madison, Wisconsin-based duo Peaking Lights weaves an infectiously stoney web of dub, Krautrock, and loopy, gloopy pop a la Panda Bear, seemingly tailor-made for record collectors and serial name-droppers. “ – Taylor Kaplan
With Woods (co-headlining), Wet Illustrated
Fri/3, 9pm, $16
Great American Music Hall
859 O'Farrell, SF
(415) 885-0750

Extra Action Marching Band
Seismic shifts are upon us. As the theatrical, whimsical, horny, and brassy Oakland collective recently stated, “These two shows will be the final performances [of] Extra Action's current repertoire. We have begun work on an all new show and won't be performing publicly for quite some time.” Get on that loyal fans, don't miss the chance to see your favorite "high school marching band on acid." 
With Itchy-o Marching Band, KROB, Donkey, Staiano
Fri/3, 9pm, $12
1410 Ballroom (14th and Broadway), Oakl.

With Itchy-O Marching Band
Sat/4, 9pm, $20
Brick and Mortar Music Hall
1710 Mission, SF
(415) 371-1631

Drive tour: College, Anoraak, Electric Youth
Are we yet over the chilling, punctuating soundtrack to last year's Gosselin vehicle, Drive? Nope, not yet ready to shift gears. We're still very much engulfed in the Krauty, synth-filled drama. Hey Gosling, just keep driving – and check out these performances by bands off the noteworthy soundtrack while you’re at it.
Sat/4, 9pm, $15-$17
Rickshaw Stop
155 Fell, SF
(415) 861-2011

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