Localized Appreesh: Permanent Collection

Permanent Collection doesn't stand still.

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What began life as the solo side project of Young Prisms' Jason Hendardy is now a fully functioning local shoegaze operation. Permanent Collection, just last month released debut full-length Newly Wed Nearly Dead on San Francisco's Loglady Records (another entity Hendardy is a part of).

Swathed in hazy guitars with on-point murmuring vocals, Newly Wed Nearly Dead is a package that should be presented to angsty teens upon puberty. Here, listen to this and then go back to study its influences from the late 1980s for a map of underground pop and the origins of shoegaze.

Also, doesn't the below video for “It's Alright” kind of weirdly remind you of a modern San Francisco version of Smashing Pumpkin's video for "1979?" Just me? Either way, it's a fun shoot, the band cruising through the rain-slick city, drinking 40s and stopping by local diners (It's Tops?) for fried food and condiment slurping.

Clearly, the band's off to a good start. Now go see it live. Permanent Collection plays the daytime street party, Rock Make this weekend and Milk Bar with Ringo Deathstarr next Wednesday, Sept. 19. But first, it gave us the rundown on a few favorites (MTV in '93, California girls, free sunday barbecue at Molotovs) and the things it could live without (the San Francisco garage rock bubble).

Year and location of origin:
Late 2010 as a single person band, 2011 as a full band.

Band name origin: A name to make songs under.

Band motto: No one likes it when bands play more than 25 minutes.

Instrumentation: Jason - Guitar/vocals, Megan - Bass, Brenden - Guitar, Mike - Drums.

Description of sound in 10 words or less: 
Jason - some kind of pop songs.
Brenden - MTV in '93.
Megan - drowning in the ocean.
Mike - Loud.

Most recent release: Newly Wed, Nearly Dead.

Best part about life as a Bay Area band:
Jason - Everyone is an artist.
Brenden - California girls.
Megan - Weather.
Mike - Learning about the awesome Bay Area bands that came before us.

Worst part about life as a Bay Area band:
Jason - Everyone is an artist
Brenden - The San Francisco garage rock bubble
Megan - Tourist
Mike - It's getting hard to set up house shows in SF

First album ever purchased:
Jason - Please Hammer Don't Hurt Em by MC Hammer on cassette from Tower Records.
Brenden - Nevermind by Nirvana.
Megan - Crazy Sexy Cool by TLC.
Mike - I think it was Green by REM.

Most recent album purchased/downloaded:

Jason - Beyond Living by Milk Music.
Brenden - Love Tara by Eric's Trip.
Mike - S/T by Happy Noose.

Favorite local eatery and dish:
Jason - Tacos from La Taqueria on Mission.
Brenden - California Burrito and a Budweiser from Los Coyotes Taqueria.
Megan - Free sunday BBQ at Molotovs.
Mike - Pizza from Serrano's.

Rock Make Street Festival with Permanent Collection, John Vanderslice, Exray's, Burnt Ones, Metal Mother, and more
Sat/15, noon-7pm, $3-$5 donation
Treat and 18th Street, SF

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