Nite Trax: Comedowns are for losers! 2013


Anybody can go out to any fabulous party on New Year's Eve. But how long can you survive into the dawning of 2k13? Below are the best parties happening on Tuesday, New Year's Day -- how low can you go! (It's kind sad that we now only have one day a year that's like SF nightlife in the 90s, sigh.)

But first, here's the exact chill-before-thrill mix I want to hear at 7am rolling up to the venue with my girls, blunt smoke pouring from the cracked window:

OK Lets Do This. Click in the names for Facebook invite link thingie.



Features: Hot queers, bedazzled club kids and dragged-out drag queens, leftover horny bears from the Bearracuda NYE party in the same venue, gorgeous early risers.  

Music: Post-disco disco, acidy house, kiss-kiss techno with DJs Stanley Frank, Robert Jeffrey, Doc Sleep, Steve Fabus, Sergio Fedasz, P-Play, M*J*R, Trevor Sigler  

4am-10am, $10. Beatbox, 314 11th St., SF.



Features: Supperclub's athletic blend of acrobatic burlesquers, cool characters, old school partiers, and feather-bedecked smilers. 

Music: Lovely, pumping soulful house and tech plus a dose of psychedelia with DJs David Harness, Galen, Rrooz, Andrew Phelan, Alain Octavo, Cosmic Selector, Michael Anthony, Meikee Magnetic, Marija Dunn 

4am-?, $15-$20. Supperclub, 657 Harrison, SF.   


Features: This party at Monarch was THE party last year, a blurred and delirious intersection of dancefloor mavens and fabulous personages (a few of whom had lost their shoes somewhere along the night's way, ahem.) Good times.

Music: Straight up house-y (and disco edit) goodness from special NYC guest Justin Vandervolgen, Solar, Conor, 40 Thieves, James Glass, Junior, Dewey Chan, Jdisco, Soft Soil.

6am-?, $10-$20. Monarch, 101 Sixth St., SF.



Features: Weekend mornings at the lovely Monroe in North Beach have become the new End Up for those of us into great music and meeting up with other adventurous souls. I was tickled pink to hear there's a New Year's Day party there -- it'll be cute-bananas.

Music: Techno! Lots of techno. I bet I know what huge name DJ will be the special surprise guest (ahem, Bee Lurridge?) -- but that person will have great backing from DJs Nikita, Rooz, Bo, Nikola Baytala, MossMoss, Pete Fraiser, and Francesco Signorile. 



Features: Tons and tons of Burning Man fun, including a lot of runny neon mascara and sequined cowboy hats -- now even bigger since this party has moved to Mighty and taken over the whole block.  

Music: Funky techno with a little acid-crunk craziness from the Space Cowboys camp DJs and friends.

6am-?, $15-$20. Mighty, 119 Utah, SF. 



Features: Starts at 2pm, so you'll get a bit of everything at this beloved party teaming up two legendary SF house crews at the well-patioed, great sounding Club Cocomo. 

Music: Sooo yummy house with deep international flavor from special Mexican guest Daniel Maloso plus breakout local duo Tone of Arc and DJs Tasho, Solar, Deron, Galen, Sweet P, J-Bird 

2pm-2am, $10-$20. Club Cocomo, 650 Indiana, SF. 



Features: More kooky, cray-cray, superfunky Burning Man-based goodness from the infamous Brass Tax afterhours crew at this gonzo annual affair at Public Works.

Music: Funky house, alien techno, and straight-up funk from DJs JoeJoe, Ding Dong, Mace, Ernie Trevino, Haute Mess, Ethan Miller, MoPo, and TophOne

3pm-midnite, $5-$10. Public Works, 161 Erie, SF.


If you are still party-functional and looking for some awesome parties to go to around 11pm, might I suggest the bass-head Icee Hott DJs guesting at the ever-amazing High Fantasy at Aunt Charlie's and the friendly, dance-crazed future bass shenanigans of Soundpieces at Monarch

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