Jinkx Monsoon is Little Edie is "Schizophrenic"

Ms. Monsoon.

I don't know who any of those RuPaul Drag Race queens are, goddess love 'em. And I sure as hell don't need anymore invites to local parties where one or more of them are appearing (seriously, it's like a plague of TV wigs, smelly bodysuits, bad names, and hastily assembled signature "songs" upon the gay bars -- NO TEA NO SHADE).

But I do recognize a style sister when I see one, and Jinkx Monsoon of Seattle caught everyone's eye with her killer Little Edie from Grey Gardens impression on this season of Drag Race, then went on to win it all -- I guess, judging from the "squeeees" clogging my Facebook feed last night. Even better, she's actually recorded a pretty amazingly groovy and deep track with SF's techno version of googly-eyed puppy cuddles, Two Dudes in Love.

In "Schizophrenic," or rather "Schizophreeeenic," Jinkx channels Little Eddie once again over some hypnotic house hijinks. If this sort of thing keeps up, I might have to actually subscribe to Logo or whatever.

Now, can we get her to do a remake of this beloved rare cut by Monsoon, I wonder. (It sounds kind of great playing over the top, btw.)

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