Sparkly Devil, RIP

Sparkly Devil performed at the 2009 Guardian Best of the Bay party

Gorgeous heroine of the new burlesque movement, invaluable nightlife presence, sexy Guardian centerfold and Best of the Bay winner Sarah Klein, aka Sparkly Devil, was killed in a car crash on Sunday. She was 36.

Jim Sweeney of Sparkly's burlesque troup Hubba Hubba Revue officially announced the news on Facebook: 

Dearest Hubba Hubba Revue Friends & Family,

You've seen photos and comments and sad hints all day, but now that her family has authorized us to make this official announcement, it is with the heaviest of hearts that we tell you all that our dear Hubba-sister --the amazing, powerful, immensely loved & talented Sparkly Deville, died last night in an automobile accident.

Our grief is immeasurable, and the shock and anguish felt by our entire national & international burlesque community is already staggering. A terrible void has appeared where before there was a glittering, wonderful, irreplaceable friend & performer.

Our sadness knows no boundries, and is only tempered by the joyful memories of everything she gave us. We all love you so much, our beautiful show-sister --we do, and we always will.

Our friends at the Burlesque Hall of Fame are already making plans for fitting tributes, and we will of course memorialize our sister here, in the Bay Area, as soon as time & circumstances allow.

For now, friends, we thank you so much for your support, and ask you to take a moment today to revel in the happiness, laughter and pure, sparkling joy that Sparkly added to all of our lives.

Yours, Very Sincerely, With Love,

--Jim Sweeney

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