Before Outside Lands: death and train-tripping with Wavves

Wavves chills out.

As we collectively await Outside Lands 2013 (August 9-11, Golden Gate Park) and attempt to enjoy summer -- the sun’s actually here, in the city! -- I decided to get productive. This year’s lineup for the festival is again a juxtaposition of big names like Paul McCartney, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Vampire Weekend and kick-ass local artists like the Easy Leaves and Midi Matilda. Oh yeah, and there are, of course, tons more acts in between, which you can check out here.

Wanting to check in on bands during the pre-festival festivities, I’m kicking off this series with a quick and dirty email interview with San Diego-based garage rock group, Wavves. Given the indie band's track record with journalists, it seems I was pretty lucky to have received a reply. Frontperson Nathan Williams talks practical jokes and dying while bassist Stephen Pope recounts a horrific mushrooms experience (never trip on a train) and explains why he doesn't mess with people.
SF Bay Guardian What was the last thing you did just to mess with someone?
Nathan Williams I put my drummer’s phone number on my Twitter.
Stephen Pope I don't like to "mess" with people. That's mean.

(Ed. note: Don’t worry, stealing drugs from a dealer and throwing high heels at him doesn’t count as “messing” with someone, right?)

SFBG What was the last song you wrote about?
NW Dying.
SP How everyday life brings about extreme anxiety and how I always think I'm dying of something. Geez.
SFBG If your life was a cartoon which would it be, why? 
NW The Critic, not for any particular reasons other than I weirdly relate to Jay Sherman.
SP Hmm, I'm going to pick Home Movies because even though I'm not an 8-year-old aspiring director being raised by a single mom, I still feel like I really connect with Brendon. He's kind of a loser, but he has friends that he does creative things with…

SFBG What was one of the most bizarre experiences you have ever had while under the influence (of anything), why was it so odd?
NW Ummmm...

SP The first time I ever did mushrooms when I was a teenager, my friends and I broke onto a train bridge that ran across the Mississippi River between Memphis, Tenn. and Arkansas. We brought road flares and Roman candles, dangled off the edge, and had a fireworks party a few hundred feet above the river. When the mushrooms really started to take effect I got a little nervous about dangling off the side of the bridge, and climbed through the train stopped on the tracks to get to a more stable part. As I was climbing through the train, it started moving suddenly and I was carried a few hundred yards down the track standing between the two rail cars while tripping. I finally jumped and luckily didn't fall to my death or get crushed by the train.
SFBG Who's your musical guy crush?
NW  Gunplay.
SP Weird Al  x 1,000.