Heads Up: 7 must-see concerts this week

Rye Rye gets inside the game for "Boom Boom."

There will be R. Kelly “Trapped in the Closet” sing-alongs all weekend long at the Castro Theatre. It’s not quite a show, though I wouldn’t dare describe it as a standard film either. It’ll be an experience, so it’s on the list of must-sees. Sorry not sorry.

Add to that El-P and Killer Mike, Sebadoh, Rye Rye’s Hard French “After Party,” Rancid, and more -- and you won’t be hurting for choices this week. Hop to it, furry friends.

Here are your must-see Bay Area concerts this week/end:

El-P and Killer Mike
Last year, Brooklyn producer-rapper El-P told the Guardian, "I want to make music that is the signifier of fighting to live, fighting for sanity, recognizing that it ain't what it should be. So...I'm going to run into the middle of the street, and take my clothes off, and scream." This year, he and frequent collaborator rapper Killer Mike released shiny yet hart-hitting Run the Jewels through an eponymous project, in which the two swiftly exchange verses -- which should make for a poppin’ live show. (Note: they also play the Indy Tue/30, but it’s sold out. Try your luck elsewhere on the web for tickets to that one.)
With Despot, Kool AD
Wed/31, 8pm, $20
628 Divisadero, SF

Al Lover
Experimental electronic producer Al Lover has been quoted as saying "the psych music of today is what the producers of tomorrow will sample." So the local music-maker recently cut out the middle man, and went straight to the source, creating his own tripped out electro-psych tracks. That meant collaborating with Tim Presley a.k.a. White Fence on this month's seven-inch "Snake Hands," released through the UK's PNKSLM Records, which is Lover's first ever solo vinyl release. (Note that White Fence also has a show coming up Aug. 7 at the Rickshaw Stop.) "Snake Hands" is a single from Lover’s forthcoming LP Space Magick.
With Coo Coo Birds, Face Tat, Bubblegum Crises.
Wed/31, 9pm, $8
Bottom of the Hill
1233 17th St., SF

“Attention fuzz pedal enthusiasts and indie rock fans alike: Lo-fi godfathers Sebadoh are coming to town! Formed as an offshoot of vocalist and guitarist Lou Barlow's band, Dinosaur Jr., Sebadoh takes influences from proto punk and noise bands and presents it in a tight, dissonant package. The band has two sides: Barlow's folk-infused songs and vocalist and bass player Jason Loewenstein's more aggressive punk tunes. Both combine for an energetic, all be it schizophrenic set. Sebadoh will be hitting the Bay Area, promoting its newest EP, Secret EP and building up hype for its first full length album in 14 years, Defend Yourself, expected to drop in September.” -- Erin Dage
With Octa#grape
Wed/31, 9pm, $15
Cafe Du Nord
2170 Market, SF
(415) 861-5016

R. Kelly Trapped in the Closet: The Interactive Sing-Along
“What's the only thing better than watching R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet"? Packing in the Castro with hundreds of like-minded hip-hopera fans and singing along to that shizz. That's right: "R. Kelly Trapped in the Closet: The Interactive Sing-Along" brings the controversial, inimitable R&B star's soapy extravaganza (well, the first 22 chapters of it, anyway) to the big screen for all to croon along, complete with "custom subtitles." Prepare your pipes for "Bump 'N Grind," "Ignition (Remix)," and other hits — plus cliffhangers galore ("Oh my god, a rubber!"), careless gunplay, a little-person stripper named "Big Man," a Will Oldham cameo, and further lurid, hilarious, and — at last! — participatory insanity.” -- Cheryl Eddy
Fri/2-Sun/4, 8pm, $12
Castro Theatre
429 Castro, SF

Don’t you remember hearing ...And Out Comes the Wolves (1995) hit “Time Bomb” over the crackling speakers of Tower Records and your friend’s older, cooler sibling behind the counter telling you the pop-punk band was formed after the demise of Operation Ivy, and by the way, that was a very important ska-punk band that fizzled before its time? Just me? Most now-grownup kids of a certain breed, of certain suburban pockets, went through this period of connection to Tim Armstrong, Matt Freeman, and Co., be it “Ruby Soho,” “Roots Radicals,” or the endless conversations about why Rancid will never be Op Ivy/Op Ivy would never have made it big like Rancid. Blah, blah, blah. Relive youth, and blast out of guilty pleasureville.
Fri/2-Sat/3, 7:30pm, $28
982 Market, SF

Rye Rye
After a great many guest spots and collaborations, Rye Rye came roaring back solo in 2012 with the release of debut, Go! Pop! Bang!, and an acting gig in the film remake of 21 Jump Street. She popped up again in 2013 with her spring-released track "After Party" off casually impending mixtape RYEde or Die, and this June as a guest star on Asher Roth's "Actin Up" (which later ended up also including Justin Bieber and Chris Brown). She'll be back in the Bay Area this week, after swinging through Oakland as the opener for Scissor Sisters last year at the Fox. This Hard French after-party with Micahtron, however, should be a much more intimate, Rye Rye-centric event.
Sat/3, 9pm, $20
Public Works
161 Erie, SF

Space Vacation
You guys, Space Vacation is like SF's own Spinal Tap, distilling the many aspects of theatrical heavy metal into an entertaining metal act you must see live. The group plays actual sing-along heavy metal (in the vein of Iron Maiden and Def Leppard) but also brings along show-enhancing efforts like smoke and lasers. The quartet plays the all-day, all-ages Summer Throwdown event at DNA Lounge this weekend With Son of a SuperCar, Systemic Decay, Look a Flying Pig, Dammit, Serville, and more
Sun/4, 4:30pm, $15
375 11th St, SF

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