Breathe Owl Breathe's van and gear stolen in Berkeley

Here's the Breathe Owl Breathe van.

Below is a note from the touring musicians of indie folk group Breathe Owl Breathe -- their van was stolen last night in Berkeley, and they need your help in tracking it down. Sadly, all of their musical equipment, gear, clothing, and laptops were in the vehicle.

The band has provided a list of the specific instruments taken. Here's the info they sent:


Last night between midnight and 11 am from the Berkeley Hills area (Oakland, CA). Everything we own was in the vehicle. All of our musical equipment, including a laptop, and clothing. Please share this post far and wide- help get the word out! If you see a 1998 Ford Econoline Van (see picture) anywhere in the Bay Area or beyond, call the Oakland Police Department (510) 777-3333.

One way you could help is to search Craigslist, or local flea markets, for any of the more unique instruments that were with us in the van:

-Amati Cello (in blue hard shell case)
-Lowrey Wandering Genie keyboard/organ
-Lowrey Genie Mach III Plus
-Larivee Acoustic Guitar
-1965 Fender Pedal Bass
-Mint Green Fender Excels
-Holy Grail Reverb Pedal (older style, large version)
-Roland SP-404 sampler (with dent on bottom face)
-Lyle semi-hollow body electric guitar
-Fender Vibroverb Guitar amp
-Roland KC-550 Keyboard amp
-Fishman acoustic amp
-4 piece Adonis drumset (wood finish)

(Breathe Owl Breathe was profled last year on


I'm a musician and mostly holed up in my home and studio practicing. But have read your list and will keep my eyes peeled. That sucks. I'm so sorry. Those idiots are going to get pennies on the dollar, probably at pawn shops. I hope you filed a detailed police report. I know in Oakland they are stretched thin, but it may show up, even late. Where are you playing next? Locally I could lend you an amp, and a guitar. Clara B.

Posted by GuestClara Bellino on Aug. 13, 2013 @ 1:13 pm

Not to be a complete jerk, but to all touring musicians out there, let this serve as a cautionary tale. No matter how safe you think your lodging situation is for the night, you ALWAYS bring the gear inside. I've done it dead tired in the middle of the night after driving all day, and it sucks. But it is rule number one when on the road. That shower and beer can wait. That said, I certainly hope they get their stuff back.

Posted by Guest on Aug. 14, 2013 @ 11:32 am

This is no time for a lecture. Your comment was jerky at best, lacking compassion, kindness and in no way helpful. Only adding insult to injury. If you have preface a comment with "not to be a jerk" .... It may be best to keep your comments to yourself or rephrase.

Posted by Guest A. on Aug. 28, 2013 @ 3:36 am

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