Here, piggies: Quick 'n dirty Folsom party guide


Folsom season has started and already many can't sit still -- mostly because of the welts on their tuckuses. But they can still dance! Even the ones suspended in cellophane cocoons. Here's a quick rundown of recommended parties at which to whip it good. (Everybody loves a link dump! Especially when I'm this hungover. )



>>THE TUBESTEAK CONNECTION: The original down and dirty Tenderloin bathhouse disco revival weekly party at Aunt Charlie's Lounge -- courtesy of DJ Bus Station John -- is always a special place at Folsom. 10pm-2am, $5. 

>>TOUCH OUR JUNK: All the cool kids are getting together at fabulously sleazy Tenderloin gay strip club Nob Hill Theater for a fun little romp. 8:30-11pm, $7.

>>CUB CAMP: I hung out with the nasty Torontonian cuties throwing this party at the Lookout last night, and they are truly nasty and truly cute! 10pm-2am, $7.

>>TWIN PEAKS PARTY: Just throwing this in as a wild card -- but they are turning the Showdown bar into a Twin Peaks set and an Angelo Badalamenti band is playing, with free pie. Lynchy! 10pm, free I think.



>>STEAM: Awfully cute DJ Harry Cross from Chicago turns out this fun, charitable, and, yes, steamy wet towel-themed party at Powerhouse. Some hot straight boys! 9pm-2am, $8.

>>BEARRACUDA: Ugh, bears! I love 'em, even though they're the popular kids. And I actually have a great rip-roarin time at this huge party at Public Works. 9pm-4am, $20 advance.

>>PEGASUS 3: The city's neatest menswear store, Sui Generis, is having its annual mixer, sure to be a hot beard-a-palooza. 7-10pm, free.

>>HYSL: "Handle Your Shit Lady!" Scandalous-sounding party at the Lookout with Two Dudes in Love DJing. 9pm-2am, $3.

>>SOME THING MANLY: The great Drag Queen of Soul, Juanita More, pays thribute to James Brown, Elvis, and other manly musical men at this awesome art-drag dance party. With 1000 other queens at the Stud. 10pm-4am, $8. 



>>LUTHER: Great techno party from the infamous entity known as Luther, sure to sizzle your cockles, and those of hundreds of other cool sexies. 10pm-4am, $15-$20. 

>>DARK ROOM: Dark electronic body music and a cast of future-goth performers (including electro punky High Functioning Flesh) make this the dress-up party dungeon you're looking for. 9:30pm-2am, $7.

>>RAIME: Dark UK electronic duo will beat you into submission with an audio-visual experience to die for, at Balancoire. 10pm-2am, $15. 

>>INFAMOUS UNIFORM PARTY: The dykealicious Lexington Club orders you to dress up and have hot grrrls. 9pm-2am, free.



>>DEVIANTSHard-driving Russian techno hottie DJ Boris headlines this, THE party for hip Folsom people into music and sweaty dancing -- not just strutting and preening. Two venues, large outdoor space, soul grooves from Hard French, plus a ton more dirty stuff, of course. Of course! 4:30pm-2am, $25-$35.

>>GLORY HOLE: During Folsom Street Fair and after, large and lovely space Tank 18 is hosting a wild party with DJs from lovely disco-revival party Go Bang! and more (including my hot friend Juan -- someone pick him up already!). Full bar! 1-10pm, $5. 



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