SF just won the Beyoncé video parody contest


...with this sensuous art film about the deepest love of all, the love of donuts. "Dunkin Love," for your viewing pleasure below, features Bay Area artists Reggie White and Adrian Anchondo, and was shot at our very own, very chilly, Ocean Beach.

The multi-faceted White, it turns out, is also one of the players in Hundred Days, the "folk-rock odyssey" of a musical theater piece that premieres this week at Z Space. All the actors are also musicians, or, you know, amazing parody music video stars — read more about it in this week's issue.

Anchondo is a Berkeley-based actor and former bartender at Hi Tops in the Castro who will, unfortunately, be departing for his hometown of LA in the coming weeks. The two met while working on a play at the Aurora Theatre, in which Anchondo played White's abusive boyfriend. Acknowledging that the Bay Area is, yes, damn expensive for a struggling actor, Anchondo wrote us: "The best thing about being a performer is that when you feel stuck, you can just create something on your own. I seriously had only $100 to spend and I was like 'Do I buy this wig and dress and these donuts? Or do I pay my internet bill?' I think I made the right decision."

We also asked to hear where in San Francisco the performers actually do get their donut fix, since Dunkin Donuts is out of the question — at least for now — and will report back as more details come in.

BRB, just got hungry.


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