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Pat Thomas's top 10 albums of 2007



Pat Thomas, Runt/Water consultant, writer/editor of Ptolemaic Terrascope, and the drummer of Mushroom offers his picks for '07.

1) Miles Davis, The Complete On the Corner Sessions (Sony Legacy)

2) Moby Grape, Moby Grape '69 (Sundazed)

3) Sly Stone, There's a Riot Goin’ On (Sony)

4) Sean Smith, Sacred Crag Dancer Corpse Whisperer (Isota)

5) Terry Manning, Home Sweet Home (Sunbeam)

Vice Cooler's other fave shows of '07


Vice Cooler of XBXRX, KIT, and Hawnay Troof comes with his other favorite gigs of 2007. Read more »

Josh Wilson's musical bests for 2007


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Perfect? Circle. editor and music critic Josh Wilson weighs in with his best in music for the year:

- Hammers of Misfortune at the Great American Music Hall, Feb. 22. Glorious thunder and truth.

- Circle at Bottom of the Hill, Sept. 27. If Can were a dadaist metal band from Finland.

- Faun Fables with Daevid Allen and Josh Pollock at Cafe du Nord, Nov. 28. Read more »

Johnny Ray Huston's Reissue Faves of 2007


Because I enjoyed reissues this year as much as I did "new" music, and because end-of-the-year lists with pictures are more fun, below find my annotated and illustrated cheater's dozen, alphabetically organized.


Dorothy Ashby, The Rubaiyat of Dorothy Ashby (Dusty Grooves)
Detroit harp genius Dorothy Ashby was plucking those strings in genre-spanning ways long before neo-folk sprites were born. Read more »

RZA: better to give...



By Chris DeMento

Tuesday night, Dec. 11, and I was feeling really zoned in: got the good word that the RZA and his stagemate Monk were just getting to town after a long drive up the coast, and that meant I didn't need to stress about getting
down there all that early. I happened to be on their clock.

The openers - Audible Mainframe, Mr. Sayre, and Benflowz - held it down as a packed-full Independent waited for its headliner. Read more »

Feu Therese on fire?


feu sml.bmp

By Todd Lavoie

It’s gonna hit! So says Montreal’s slinky experimentalists Feu Therese on the front of their new album, Ca Va Cogner (Constellation) - if my ever-rusting grasp of the French language serves me well. Read more »

Teens girls lusting after Tom Waits



Buddyhead interviewed Tom Waits recently, and while overall, the interview is a piece of shit, we just loved Tom's response to the following:

So what do you think of Scarlet Johanson doing an entire album consisting of covers of your songs?
Well some songs are meant to be recorded by other people. Those are the seeds in the tomato, you know? Read more »

Surrender Dorothy -- symphonized


Imagine our grandfatherly gay delight at the megaspectacle promised by the approaching SF Symphony's holiday show: a big screen showing of The Wizard of Oz accompanied by a live symphony orchestra! Imagine!


Let's hope the piccolos don't drown out those flying monkeys ...

This event is looking to be super-popular, so get your tix now! Oh! And come dressed as your favorite character -- there'll be a contest in the lobby! Read more »

Marke B's Top 10 2007


Ah, yes – it’s that time of year again, and why not? There was a whole lotta sonics to love this past year in music, and below is my enhanced top 10 guiltless pleasures of 2007 list. I hope you disagree with and enjoy!

1. Jill Scott, “Hate On Me”

2. Read more »

Get off the Camel: Kill Rock Stars's open letter to 'Rolling Stone'


We, the indie: Maggie Vail (left) of the Bangs fired off this open letter to Rolling Stone. Read more »