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Marke B's Top 10 2007


Ah, yes – it’s that time of year again, and why not? There was a whole lotta sonics to love this past year in music, and below is my enhanced top 10 guiltless pleasures of 2007 list. I hope you disagree with and enjoy!

1. Jill Scott, “Hate On Me”

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Get off the Camel: Kill Rock Stars's open letter to 'Rolling Stone'


We, the indie: Maggie Vail (left) of the Bangs fired off this open letter to Rolling Stone. Read more »

Put on the BrakesBrakesBrakes



By Todd Lavoie

Known in the rest of the world as simply Brakes, here in America the Brighton, England, freewheelers have been given the Beetlejuice treatment, forced to have their name repeated thrice in a summons much like that of Michael Keaton’s wacky exorcist character from Tim Burton’s classic film. Read more »

Yellow Swans' Gabriel Mindel Saloman picks his final five music faves of 2007


Yellow Swans' Gabriel Mindel Saloman (left) and Pete Swanson.

By Gabriel Mindel Saloman

Here are five more musical selections for 2007. See for the rest.


1. Top way to take the money and run: the career of Andrew WK
After a few years of cult celebrity and corporate bucks, Andy has found some excellent ways to throw curveballs to those who think they have his number. Read more »

RIP Karlheinz Stockhausen



By Erik Morse

German composer, serialist, sonic renegade, and electronic investigator Karlheinz Stockhausen died Wednesday, Dec. 5, at age 79 in Kuerten-Kettenberg, Germany. Read more »

Top local bands from one who might know


By Steve Touchton

These are my top 50-some Bay Area bands of '07. Some of them moved here this year. A few of them moved away this year. Maybe a few of them broke up this year. Several of them are even my own bands, but I wouldn’t be playing in them if I didn’t think they’d make it on to a list this massive. All of them were active while living here in 2007.

Here it is:

16 Bitch Pile Up
Bleachy Bleachy Bleach
Breezy Days Band

Dear G Love...



By Chris DeMento

I got these Christmas blues
I don't know what do
I got a brand new song
But no one to sing it to

- G Love, Monday, Dec. 10 at the Grand

Dear G Love,

When I left out of work today the air was kind of chilly, the NoCal weather likes to change all silly. Read more »

Oh yeah, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs



By Mike McGuirk

Yeah Yeah Yeahs may be critical faves, and they may have pretty much all the cool kids at their shows, and they may have created an unassailably cool image to boot, but their latest EP, Is Is (Fontana/Interscope), makes it very difficult for those diametrically opposed to such across-the-board-acceptance to write the band off as more empty product. Read more »

Thrash travelers Exodus revisited, by way of "The Atrocity Exhibition"



By Ben Richardson

Out of all the '80s thrashers that managed to survive the nu-metal wasteland of the '90s, none have re-hoisted the oriflamme of thrash with the vehemence of Exodus. After abortive Korn-era attempts to regain prominence were scotched by endless line-up changes and label disputes, the band coalesced in 2004 around guitarist Gary Holt, who was determined to get the band back in the studio. Read more »

Swish Americana with the Griffles


Two things that will surely shock you:

1. I like silly music.

2.Stark Raving Brad, the angry elf model for our “Fuck the Holidays” shoot (in our Holiday Guide) makes silly music.

Photo by Neil Motteram

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