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Awww...freak out!


File under: "I don't really care:"

Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced its nominees this week. Of the nine nominees, five actually get inducted into that great hallowed institution, and get to take part in one of the more self-congratulatory ceremonies that makes its way to VH-1.

And they are:

Donna Summer
John Mellencamp
Leonard Cohen
The Dave Clark Five
The Ventures
Afrika Bambaataa
The Beastie Boys

Madonna is maybe the most surprising -- or least? -- name. Hell, I remember being ten years old and hearing "Holiday" for the first time. Read more »

Local loco techno week


Ah yes, it's LoveFest this weekend! There'll be lots of groovy floats and bunny-eared revellers passing out from lack of H2O -- hopefully shirtless. Love! Read more »

Bryter layter: Nick Drake's Gabrielle Drake sheds a little light on her late sibling


Nick Drake Teen15 sml.bmp
From the morning: Nick Drake as a teen.

One of the sweetest panels at the this year’s South By Southwest revolved around the late singer-songwriter Nick Drake: producer Joe Boyd, onetime-possible collaborator Vashti Bunyan, and sister Gabrielle Drake traded anecdotes about the talented mystery man, played music, and took questions to a transfixed crowd. Read more »

My hippie LoveFest post


As much as I like to rag on electronic music, I happen to like a lot of it. And even more importantly, I think it deserves more respect, attention, and mainstream support than it gets. Being a great DJ is no less a hard-earned skill (often, on top of natural talent) than being a great guitarist or, I don’t know, accordionist. Read more »

Laser in on Bonde do Role



Those zany kids in Bonde do Role - they don't answer their e-mail, their tour manager misplaces his cell phone - it's a regular sitcom over in BDR HQ! Too busy livin' it up, I guess. Anyhooo, after much ado and no interview by the time today's issue hit print, I finally heard back from the band's Rodrigo Gorky. Read more »

Saint Steven Morrissey - comedien et martyr



By Erik Morse

In the inaugural vignette grotesque of Genet’s 1949 memoir-cum-roman noir Le Journal du voleur, the black prince of literature recalls his childhood travels between Paris and the ruins of Tiffauges. Here, along the verdant slopes of the Loire, was the crime scene of France’s most diabolical pederast and murderer, Lord Gilles de Rais. Read more »

MF Doom swayzies, leaves Pigeon John to do his thing



By Christopher Lotto

I'd say about a fourth of those who came out to see MF Doom at the Independent on Sept. 18 took off when they found out he wasn't going to be performing. The rest of us stayed - way to go, SF - to watch Pigeon John, a lithe, high-energy smart-ass from the LA underground. The Independent's consolation was to open its doors and waive the admission fee, promising full refunds to ticket holders, so why not shtick around for a little what's his name? Read more »

Ska'd yet? The Specials bassist Horace Panter's tome arrives



By Todd Lavoie

Book alert: Horace Panter, bassist for the much-beloved ska institution the Specials, has just released his memoir, and it looks quite tasty. Read more »

Punk you, Bad Brains


By Duncan Scott Davidson

I went to the Bad Brains show at Slim’s last night. The sad admission: I’d never seen them before. I mean, I had, for the Rise (Epic, 1993) tour with Israel Joseph I on vocals instead of HR, which really doesn’t count, now does it? Sort of like going to the Wonka Chocolate Factory and being shown around by someone named “Millie Monka” instead of Willie Wonka. Read more »

Stealing time with Thievery Corporation


Corporate raiders? Thievery Corporation.

By Kevin Lee

Before Thievery took the stage on Sept. 15 at the Treasure Island music fest, I took the opportunity to sneak backstage and ask what D.C.’s favorite downtempo duo was up to.

Bay Guardian: How are you guys enjoying the Bay Area so far?

Rob Garza: We're having a great time. We always love being out here. Read more »