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Hey baby, it's the Fourth of July...


Last week at 12 Galaxies, John Doe busted out X's most patriotically-titled tune. I missed Exene on the chorus, but whatever. Independence Day traditions in my world include watching at least a few minutes of Independence Day -- which I just tried to find on TV, and it ain't on, so this tradition is in danger of not happening except in my photographic-movie-memory -- and eating the biggest hamburger I can get my mitts around.

Oh, and FREEDOM ROCK. FREEDOM ROCK has it all! Read more »

Pick-nik season is so on...


Step right up for the git-pickin' pick o' the litter at the first annual San Francisco Picker’s Picnic on Friday, July 6, at Bottom of the Hill.

King City with child.

Joe Price with Vicki Price, King City, Craig Ventresco with Meredith Axelrod, Gaucho, and Pat Johnson will be your shred-meisters. Read more »

Brazilian psych free-for-all!


By Sean Manning

Nearly 40 years ago, Brazil’s Os Mutantes sewed the seeds of their now-legendary status by creating a pastiche of hallucinatory sounds and good ole fashioned Beatles-like harmonies so fluidly that they’ve inspired a whole new generation of followers extending far beyond the city limits of their native Sao Paulo. Read more »

Et II, guit god? J Mascis and David Cross get it on with Guitar Hero II


This just in from Dinosaur Jr. label home Fat Possom: Dinosaur Jr's J Mascis - a real-life guitar hero who is going frickin' blind for his loud, loud art - takes on comedian and vid game playah David Cross on AOL/the DL's Guitar Hero II Challenge.


Who takes home the riffage troph? Ax me later.

B'day for Mike Lucas o' thee Phantom Surfers


A whole lot of PBR-guzzling, pizza-chomping, pork rind-inhaling folks came out for Phantom Surfer Mike Lucas's birthday get-down a few weeks back at the Stork Club. The Flakes, Harold Ray Live in Concert, Knights of the New Crusade and so many more garage rock combos got our their best - and worst - jokes to toast the dude. Good times? You bet. Read more »

We'll never forget you, Punk Planet


By G.W. Schulz

It was incredibly disheartening to learn today that one the nation’s best known indie-culture and rock zines, Punk Planet, had published its final edition after 13 years and 80 issues. Read more »

Itchy Digits, C&B


In the mood for synthesizer-driven, blister-forming cacophony, honey? Then check a pair of ace twosomes tonight at the Hemlock Tavern: The Bay's electri-noise sprats Casy and Brian contort 'n' distort like the finest of 'em. You'll get grimy kid stuff on your Havaianas - and you'll dig it.

Casy and Brian tap some serious monkey magik. Make it stop. Read more »

Bus shows


here are some upcoming show ideas:
if your free some time
here is a list of up coming bus shows.::: for locations and final list of bands
call 510-bad-smut near the date.
{if anyone out there wants to help in anyway please email me ;
promote/drive/location ideas/ pick up bottles/ donate mics cords and stands/ 15"speakers/battle drunk rich boys who say "duuuude" too much....}

june 14: west oakland
Duke Nukem Forever
Scott's Band
Vitimin Piss
Big Digits
casy + brian,
birds of every flavor,
jackies house

june 17th:
future adults
black rainbow
chief death ray

june 22nd:
daniel higgs
dead Read more »

Mo No Docs


No Doctors
First aid for the addled brain? The Docs are in with their third album, Origin and Tectonics. With Wooden Shjips, Fuckwolf, and Sic Alps. Fri/15, 10 p.m., $6. Elbo Room, 647 Valencia, SF. (415) 552-7788. Also with Freeerways and Haunted House. Sat/16, 10 p.m., $5. Uptown, 1928 Telegraph, Oakl. (510) 451-8100

Hear ye, hear ye - the new "Hamburger Eyes" music issue is here...


Check it before ya wreck it, duderinos. Hamburger Eyes photo journal, issue 011, is here, and, lo, it's all about sweet, sweet music. Read more »