Central Bonita


Rating: D

Windswept Central Bonita Beach offers great views of the Golden Gate Bridge, along with more privacy than you'll find on most Marin beaches. Only a few visitors usually make the trek to the sand, which requires a hike down a crumbling, closed trail. Bring good hiking shoes. At least half of the users are usually naked or topless at this little cove.

Legal status:

Part of the GGNRA.

How to find it:

Head for Black Sand Beach (see above) and continue on Conzelman Road until it becomes two-way again. Park in the lot with the chemical toilet on the left. Stay left and look for a narrow trail that leads to the beach; it should be used with extreme caution. You'll need to "scramble down some crumbling, rocky bluffs near the bottom (of the path) that are often washed out" to get to the sand, advises Scott Marovich.

The beach:

Central Bonita has the same great views of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco as Black Sand Beach does, but it's smaller and usually windier.

The crowd:

A visitor reports maybe 10 or 12 people at the cove. About 50 percent go nude or topless.


See Black Sand; bad trail; wind; walking around the rocks in an attempt to enter or leave the cove is hazardous.

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