Nude Beaches

Contra Costa Country

Las Trampas

Rating: C

Want to go walking around nude at night outside without being hauled off to jail?  Imagine hiking naked guided only by your flashlight in the East Bay Hills, with the trail silhouetted by a full moon and small herds of horses coming up to greet you.

"It's absolutely surreal," says Jurek Zarzycki.  "The horses come within inches of you, so close you can feel their breath.  It's like being on a moonscape with aliens.  You may be a little afraid at first, but the horses are very friendly."Read more »

Hidden Pond

Rating: C

Suitable for use on warm spring and fall days, remote, nearly secret Hidden Pond, nestled undisturbed in an East Bay park, is usually too shallow to enjoy in the summer. Getting to the sun-splashed skinny-dipping hole is half the fun.  "The trail was extremely scenic," says Fremont's Jerek Zarzycki, of his late spring visit.  "There were wildflowers everywhere and the meadows we crossed looked like they were covered with lush green by a paint brush."Read more »