Gualala River


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Are you planning to travel on Highway 1 north of Sea Ranch? If it's not too windy or foggy, then a stop at this little beach, which is used by nudes and prudes alike, may provide the perfect respite. Want to stay longer?  There's a campground nearby. Tip: bring a jacket and windbreak with you in case weather conditions change.


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How to find it:

The beach is one mile south of the town of Gualala and 1.5 miles north of Gualala Point County Park. From Bodega Bay, drive north on Highway 1 past Fort Ross, Plantation, and Sea Ranch. Look for cars parked on Highway 1 just past the park boundary at Gualala River, the first landmark you'll see after the park. Access to the river mouth is by some dirt roads on the ocean side.


The beach:

Big and sandy, but sometimes buffeted by breezes.


The crowd:

Numbers depend on the weather and the time of year. On the sunniest summer days, no more than a few dozen visitors are usually present.


Wind; fog; cool temperatures; lack of seclusion.

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