Montara State Beach


Rating: C

Montara doesn't allow nudity, so keep some clothes handy if you decide to attempt some bare bottom baking in the summer sun -- and a ranger starts approaching. Most visitors do not go nude. Only a few people still sunbathe topless or nude at the far north end of Montara, which is just south of People's Beach and People's neighbor, Devil's Slide. It originally attracted naturists when a landslide blocked the road to Devil's Slide years ago. 

Legal status:

State beach, where rangers will and do issue citations for nudity.

How to find it:

Montara is 1.1 miles south of Devil's Slide on Highway 1. Arrive early on busy days to get parking. Walk north to the northern tip of the beach, where occasional nudity takes place on the hottest summer weekdays.

The beach:

An area of dunes on the narrow beach strip's north end was formerly used for semiprivate nude sunbathing. In recent years, the "nude spot" has become eroded and more exposed to public view.

The crowd:

Only a few naturists still visit Montara.


Fog; wind; beach erosion; icy water; intolerant park rangers.

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