Salyer Hole


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If you're heading east from the coast, after the town of Blue Lake look for the Salyer Roadside Rest Area, east of Maple Creek beach.  Not many outsiders know about it, but a clothing-optional swimming hole used by locals and visitors is across the street from the rest stop.

Legal status:


How to find it:

Follow the directions to Maple Creek (above). The "nude beach is just east of the entrance to the Salyer Roadside Rest Area," says reader Donald. It's located about 100 yards east of the rest spot on the opposite side of the road. "At that point," suggests Donald, "you should turn down the gravel road to the parking area. A rocky, somewhat steep, but good trail will bring you down to the river."

The beach:

A riverbank beach of sand mixed with rocks.

The crowd:

You may see a few visitors. Or you may be the only person present.


Gravel access road; rocky river bottom; unknown legal status; better directions needed.

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