Nude Beaches

Sonoma County


Rating: D

While it's true that several skinny-dipping holes used by local residents are located near the Russian River town of Cazadero, they are surrounded by private property. And their owners don't like trespassers, so if they spot one, they are usually quick to call deputies.

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The Rocks

Rating:  C

It's risky behavior, so not everyone jumps from The Rocks, as a local skinny-dipping hole is known, into the Russian River.  Visitors also like to sunbathe, swim, read, and just relax at the sunny, waterside nook, which has been growing in popularity.  

Legal status:

Public access land of private property. See Lower Wohler Bridge for enforcement policy.

How to find it:

Follow the trail from Sunset (see above) downstream about a quarter mile.

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Blanket Beach

Rating: C

Here's a blanket statement: people who don't come early will miss out on using Blanket Beach, where a towel's needed, but clothes aren't. The site is frequently used by nude sunbathers and swimmers in the summer. But, even if it's cold, drop by in the morning or you'll have to go elsewhere. "It's only big enough for a single blanket," says a regular visitor. Best time to visit is weekdays. On weekends, it's often occupied by the first swimsuit-wearing guests who appear -- usually a family or two who wander down the trail from nearby Sunset Beach.Read more »

Odd Fellow's Beach

Rating: C

Odd Fellow's Beach has an odd problem: a family is trying to keep naked people off what they say is their land. But rebuffing those who sunbathe in the buff isn't the only issue. The spot is also said to be private property.  Read more »

Upper Wohler Bridge

Rating: C

For five years, a clothing-optional riverbank has been slowly taking hold just upstream from Lower Wohler Bridge.  Says a poster on a naturist Internet message board:  "It's worth checking out.  It gets good sun throughout the day, yet is very secluded."

Legal status:

Wohler Bridge Regional Park, consisting of Sonoma County Water Agency land. See Lower Wohler Bridge for anti-nudity enforcement policy.

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