South Rodeo Beach


Rating: C

Cold, windy South Rodeo Beach is located just south of the public Rodeo Beach. Some naturists, though, occassionally brave the weather and show up on the sand, which, when it happens, tends to startle the tourists who are also there. A great "plus" for visitors: the beach faces the Pacific, which gives users a great view of the horizon; most other beaches in Sausalito look out to San Francisco Bay.

Legal status:

Part of the GGNRA.

How to find it:

Follow directions to Kirby Cove (see above), but at the first juncture after Conzelman Drive becomes two-way, ignore the beach sign and bear left. When you come to the lighthouse turnoff, go right. At the next turnoff to your left, after the white building, is a dirt parking lot for Battery Alexander. Park here. On the west (ocean) side of the lot, look for a sandy, somewhat slippery quarter-mile-long path to the beach that leads you downhill to the left, past a "no fires" sign. According to Scott Marovich, the quarter mile long trail is "narrow but not difficult." Others find the path hard because of its mix of rocks and sand.

The beach:

South Rodeo is a west-facing cove that's often cold and windy.

The crowd:

There are small numbers of nudists and suited users, plus a few tourists who wander down the path.


Weather (see above); sandy and somewhat slippery path; swimming not advised.

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