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Let's take back the country — starting now, by planning a tour to occupy the country

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Move to Amend is a coalition focusing on one of the Occupy movement's main concerns: corporate personhood. The group hopes to overturn the Citizens United vs. Federal Elections Commission ruling and "amend our Constitution to firmly establish that money is not speech, and that human beings, not corporations, are persons entitled to constitutional rights."

The group has drafted a petition, signed so far by more than 150,000 people, and established chapters across the country. Its next big step is a national day of action called Occupy the Courts on Jan. 20. On the anniversary of the Citizens United ruling, the group plans to "Occupy the US Supreme Court" and hold solidarity occupations in federal courts around the country.




The Occupy Caravan idea originated at Occupy Wall Street, but the group has been coordinating with occupations across the country. If all goes according to plan, a caravan of RVs, cars, and buses will leave Los Angeles in April and take a trip through the South to 16 different Occupations before ending up in Washington DC.

Buddy, one of the organizers, tells us that the group already has "a commitment right now of 10 to 11 RVs, scores of vehicles, and a bio-diesel green machine bus. This caravan will visit cities, encircle city halls, and visit the local Occupy groups to assert their presence, and move on to the next, not stopping for long in each destination."

This caravan is all about the journey, calling itself a "civil rights vacation with friends and family" and planning to gather "more RVs, more cars, more supporters...and more LOVE" along the way.



The Occupy movement in San Francisco has been relatively quiet for the past few weeks, but it's planning to reemerge with a bang on Jan. 20, with an all-day, multi-event rally and march that aims to shut down the Financial District.

The protest is an effort to bring attention to banks' complicity in the housing crisis plaguing the United States, and how that process manifests itself here in San Francisco.

At least 20 events are planned, centered in the Financial District. The plans range from teach-ins at banks to "occupy the Civic Center playground" for kids to a planned building takeover where hundreds are expected to risk arrest. A list of planned events can be found at www.occupywallstwest.org/wordpress/?page_id=74.

The day is presented by the Occupy SF Housing Coalition, which includes 10 housing rights and homeless advocacy groups. Dozens of other organizations will be involved in demonstrations throughout the day. "We're asking the banks to start doing the right thing," said Gene Doherty, a media spokesperson for the Occupy SF Housing Coalition. "No more foreclosures and evictions for profits. On the 20th, we will bring this message to the headquarters of those banks."



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