For sale: hooded jacket and sunglasses (slightly used)



The Smoking Gun posted the court document directing the U.S. Marshals Service to sell off Ted Kaczynski's property -- except the stuff pertaining to, you know, bomb-making and whatnot. Proceeds go to the victims. So far, no word on which online auction site will do the honors.

A lot of the items are pretty much what you'd expect from a self-sufficient, wilderness-dwelling hermit (tools, mittens, typewriters, homemade calendar). Some macabre-minded collector will no doubt pay top dollar for the Montana driver's licence (admit it, that would look pretty sweet hanging next to a John Wayne Gacy original). But the most revealing part of the document is Kaczynski's list of books, which cover the expected range of history, philosophy, nature, literature, and linguistics -- with a few oddball inclusions: History of Violence in America, Elements of Style (no manifesto should be completed without it!), and ... Count Your Calories.

If a government fire sale ain't enough to satiate your Unabomber curiosity, check out Lutz Dammbeck's fascinating doc The Net (available from Other Cinema DVD). The film takes a look at the counterculture's response to the rise of technology -- the internet in particular -- with a focus on Kaczynski's downward spiral. It also features a visit to the site of you-know-who's former cabin, which turns out to be not so deep in the woods as you might have expected. (See photographer Richard Barnes' fine art rendering of the cabin, part of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art's collection, here.)

Oh yeah, and for good measure, ya sicko: get your Teddy K. t-shirt here.

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