Toronto International Film Festival: Quick weather report


It's raining in Toronto ... and New York City, setting for the weep-tastic Bollywood epic Never Say Goodbye, where no emotionally-charged moment passes without soaking at least one major character (and random passers-by) to the bone.


Just interviewed Bong Joon-ho, director of The Host, which even random journalists I've never met are declaring "the best thing here" in crowded elevators. More on the interview later, but after the jump, an example of something I've been seeing all over fest turf today...

Star stalkers!


Frankly, the people here are so polite I can't imagine any celebrity being annoyed by 'em. And since I know you're wondering -- nope, I haven't spotted any famous types yet. It doesn't seem likely as long as I keep scuttling between screenings like Statler and Waldorf's redheaded stepsister, but for the good of the blog, I'm keeping my eyes peeled.

EDIT: I saw one. Christine Ricci. She's here for her pig-snout movie. I seriously had to look hard because she's teensy and she was moving fast. Couldn't ascertain if she was spanning time or not, but for all intensive purposes, let's just say she was. That is all.

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