TIFF on pause: "I'm the guy that's gonna save your ass!"



Okay. So no, of course Feast -- the fruit of Project Greenlight 3 -- wasn't part of the Toronto International Film Festival. Fellow critic Dennis Harvey and I went rogue and hit a special screening. A splat-sticky, self-consciously "clever" horror comedy, the movie rolls out with midnight screenings Sept 22-23 in various cities (including San Francisco). The action scenes are shot almost entirely in shaky close-up, and you never really get a good look at the monsters. In other words, I wouldn't rush out to see it on the big screen or anything. If you were a huge Greenlight fan, you can pick up the DVD come Oct 17 -- and be tantalized by the news that the force of nature known as Gulager was in attendance tonight. (As was, inexplicably, Michael "Henry Lee Lucas" Rooker.)

Also worth noting: Feast was the first film I watched all day (out of five) without some assclown in my eyeline texting during the movie. Fuck, what a relief.

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