Toronto International Film Festival: When Bond met Qui-Gon


Michelle Devereaux reports.


Before the world premiere screening of Seraphim Falls at the Elgin Theatre Wednesday night, Pierce Brosnan acted gruff and uncomfortable onstage, but Liam Neeson worked the crowd like a pro (even throwing out the old nugget “It’s all about you guys!”). He had some choice insights into the movie’s themes too, insisting that the western by first-time director David Von Acken -- a cat-and-mouse tale featuring Neeson hunting Brosnan through snow and sand -- is about forgiveness.
“The heart of this film is about forgiveness,” he reiterated. “Remember that.” Neeson thanked the production company behind Falls, as well as the company’s head, to general enthusiastic laughter from the adoring audience. The company? Icon. Its head? Why, that would be Mr. Mel Gibson. Maybe Gibson can get Neeson to make the same speech at the Apocalypto premiere in a couple of months. He’s probably going to need an icebreaker.

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