Poppin' and popcorn


Well, this comes as absolutely no surprise. As the Hollywood Reporter noted today, Newmarket Films is running into difficulties with the distribution of Death of a President. The Toronto International Film Festival hit -- which imagines the assassination of President George W. Bush, and all the Cheney-led chaos and freedom-crackdowns that follow -- will not be playing at the nation's largest theater chain, Regal Cinemas. Nor will it be opening at any theaters operated by Cinemark USA, the company that just took over the Century chain (including the brand-new SF Centre, so nope, you won't be slidin' on their swanky faux-leather seats while you watch the Prez eat a lead sandwich).


Fortunately, the made-for-British-TV faux-doc will be coming to the Bay Area no matter what -- look for Death of a President at one of San Francisco's Landmark Theatres starting Oct 27. Though I had mixed feelings about the film (loved its shocking concept, ehh on its second-act slowdown) I'm glad to see it's getting attention (although, come on -- like this movie is just gonna casually saunter into theaters?) Too bad this smaller release means it might well end up preaching to the choir -- as so many politically-themed docs (or faux-docs, as the case may be) do, tending to open only in cities already rollin' in art-houses and progressive audiences.

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