Cho Us the Money Shot


The word was out that Margaret Cho would be appearing at the Good Vibrations candy-themed Goodie Shoppe holiday party. It was no surprise, considering the comedian serves on the sex-toy company’s Board of Directors. But we had no idea the lengths she would go to fulfill her role.


I mean, we just thought members of the board went to meetings and complained about falling stock prices.


Here she is showing us her holiday package....

What a giver!


Also, the audience really ate up drag king troupe the Cockivores. Unfortunately we were too busy hanging out with those super-sweeties, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, to jockey for a spot to photograph the troupe's homage to Prince. Check out their MySpace page for a look at last night’s show.

We’d have more to say about how much fun we had at the fete and how much we appreciate Good Vibes’s efforts to get Americans off, but they sent us home with hefty goodie bags, and ever since we’ve been very buzzzzzzzzzzzzy.