Fortwo foryou


Yes, I'm from Detroit, where the frickin' autoshow was shoved down my throat constantly. (It's so huge now, they're threatening to tear down the host site, Cobo Arena, and build a bigger showplace -- uh, I thought the car companies were as broke as Dennis Rodman's penis up Madonna...) And yes, innumerable Detroiters laughingly forwarded me that piece from the New York Times last week about San Francisco parking rage. (We're killing each other for spaces!). But look! All the rage at this year's autoshow is the debut -- well, in 2008 -- of the eminently parkable two-seater we've been tempted by for years and years -- the SmartCar.


The model us Merikkkans get is called the Fortwo, which already killed 'em in Canadaland. Forget the clouds of Hybrid smug, Cartman, soon these will be insufferably and necessarily omnipresent among the do-good celeb classes. Of course, DaimlerChrysler, the US distributor, hopes folks, buy it as a second car for city driving -- no need to compact that Benz just yet. Still, for this car not to inspire a riot among hemi-bling Detroiters means the ecology's come a long way .... now about the trans fat from all them biscuits ....

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