Nerd party!


Will there be tape on their mojito glasses? Will everyone be "doin' the snarf"? It's the annual Macworld Blast this Tuesday "night" (8-11pm, duh) -- and I wasn't invited!


Promising "live entertainment" (The Klezmatics, mayhaps?), a chance to "mix and mingle with fellow Macworld attendees, speakers, and staff," and a grand location ("The Moscone Center, in the South Hall at the bottom of the escalator"), Macworld Blast is something I'm dying to infiltrate -- it's sold out at $40 a ticket.

So I figure I'll just hang out outside the Moscone and jump tipsy Macaddicts for their iPods (and maybe nifty new iPhones). That shit'll Ebay my way to Cancun, baby! I loves me some Macworld Expo ...

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