Hair o' the Globes


Fabulous intern Cara Cutter weighs in with her take on the un-wavy waifs of the Golden Globes -- Marke B.

Star style at Hollywood’s big awards ceremonies tends to swing between old-world Hollywood glam and finely tuned ‘au naturale’. At last year’s Golden Globes the look was fresh, lightly tousled locks complemented by barely-there makeup. Screen sirens, such as Charize Theron, as well as television stars like Felicity Huffman, sported loose and breezy curls. This year the pendulum didn’t quite come full swing back to glam’s sculpted tresses, however there was a definite departure from free-flowing curls.

Charlize: breezy

Those who were not quite ready to abandon curlers opted for lifted curls over full length. Penelope Cruz’s long locks were spiral curled and worn half up with many face-framing layers. Hayden Panettire’s ’do was similar with softer curls, as was Eva Longoria’s full updo.

Those whose stylists decided to play it straight, however, broke the most bulbs. Beyonce Knowles, Toni Collette, and Courtney Cox all went dead straight with their layers. Of the flat-iron users, A-lister Reese Witherspoon strayed furthest from her usual. Reese opted for blunt bangs to go with her ultra-shiny, tidy tresses, a new look for the typically curly blonde.

Penelope: framing layers

As always there were those who opted to stay just outside the pendulum’s path. Sienna Miller’s slightly unkempt braided updo must have made her stylist proud. Venessa Williams went for volume and kink instead of curl to match her fur shrug. And nobody forgets those up-current swimmers who always earn themselves a pic or two on page two. Pamela Anderson’s look is an unwavering porno-glam. Last year, like this year, she took to the podium in sculpted curls, long lashes and a curve-hugging dress.

So, girls, it looks like the look for hair in Tinseltown this year will be straight, so dust off your flat-irons, unclog the nozzles of your curl-relaxers, and turn up the heat on those unruly curls. Unless, of course, you prefer to march to a different beat and, in that case, Bo Derek cornrows or Sinead O’Connor bald always make a splash.

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