SCENE: Nightlife During Wartime


Last Wednesday we unleashed the first issue of our new quarterly glossy supplement SCENE: The Guardian Guide to Nightlife and Glamour to thunderous approval and only a few (disappointing) howls of protest. I want more protest dammit! Where's freakin' Fox News when you want 'em! My nails are too long to dial the right-wing media up. Lord, I need a special dialing wand .


With fashion and photography contributed by House of Herrera and art direction by Mirissa Neff, SCENE took on Nightlife During Wartime. Go ahead and read my intro essay Emergence exits: Getting crazy in a time of crisis -- if you dare.

More pics and articles after the jump!

Model Christina blew it up:

Read Building the bomb: Explosive local cocktails by Jonathan Beckhardt

Juan (right) and Buckshot Man Alex Chandler made it fierce:

Read Dance dance revolution: Party spaces that give a damn by Nicole Gluckstern

Dee Jay Pee Play 'sploded:

Read Mission fresh-air beer: Outdoor alcoholic outposts by Sam Devine

Christina made it happen again:

Read Attack of the Killer Ts by Kimberly Chun

And, of course, our cover girls Candi Gurl (left) and Marina Bitch:

Thanks to all! Hope you enjoy! Until our Summer Issue:

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