International Ms. Leather: "A stick of gum, a SuperBall, and a frog"


Well, I didn't get to go to any Cat Circus like Ms. Cheryl Eddy (see previous post), but I DID get to attend the fantastic International Ms. Leather competition at the Holiday Inn on Van Ness on Easter Vigil Saturday.

The contestants -- a little blurry cuz the lens was steamy
(All pics by Hunky Beau)

The leather community still manages to amaze, and pump out enough fetishistic mojo to keep cultural critics scratching their spinning heads. The International Ms Leather contest -- IMsL, or "imzel" -- is only a small part of a grand weekend for leather women (and admirers -- there were a lot of men and pansexuals in attendance) that's been going on annually for 10 years. This year, it was also accompanied by the Internal Ms. Boot Black competition -- or "imzbuhbuh."

This year, the celebration included such wondrous sights as a 2,240-foot Bondage Lounge and a 24-hour, play space for women only, men only, mixed and littles ("for the child in all of us"), as well as twelve-step gatherings, a multi-faith prayer service on Sunday, and, of course, kickass contestants from around the country (not much international on stage, but plenty in the audience).

I missed the imzbuhbuh, but caught most of the imzel, including several enacted fantasies (raping the tax accountant, naughty principal) and a wonderful "pop question" for Joanna, Ms Baltimore Eagle 2006, a striking 6-foot-plus African American woman with an amazing laugh. "You're given a stick of gum, a SuperBall, and a frog. How would you use them in a scene?" After about 10 mins of whooping giggles, the answer finally came: "I'd make her chew the gum, take it out of her mouth, put the SuperBall in her mouth and use the gum to seal it in. Then I'd kick the frog in the corner and fuck her." Thunderous applause!

The winners! International Ms. Boot Black Ms. V (front), IMsL runners up Shdiva and Joanne G (right and left) and IMsL 2007 Lauren, from Phoenix.

The judges conferred, the winners were announced, much about the integral leather values of Honesty, Trust, Respect, and Integrity was intoned, and then the roomful of hundreds retired upstairs to the boots and cigar party, to the amazement of the milling tourists in the lobby. We're very sure that Ms. V, the new imzbuhbuh, polished plenty of boots that night!

IMsL 2007 organizer Glenda Rider thanks her Boy for making it all possible in one of the many touching moments

Despite going all weekend long, everyone looked refreshed and ecstatic. Leather will do that!

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