Sites We Love: No sleep 'til Mendocino


Wanna travel? Wanna get away? Why drive when you can fly, right? Wrong. There's tons of great travel opportunities right here in the Bay -- not all of them boutique-y in that precious Wine Country way or "Look at all these distressed and antiqued finds up here in Half Moon Bay" way. Not that there's anything wrong with that....

But lately -- and post-Spring breakly -- we're lovin' 71 Miles, a local travel site put together by former television travel commentator and late-night heartthrob John Vlahides -- who certainly seems to know a lot about the Bay's "hidden spots" ...


And why not? Who doesn't want to fondle the soft, white, nearby underbelly of the Bay in terms of restaurants, B&Bs, shops and other such getaway stuff? So forget about Puerto Vallarta -- we've got Truckee! Yes, Truckee. The "next Aspen." Really!

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