NIMBYs wanna 86 Club Six (updated)


UPDATE: I ADORE all the controversy this post is causing (thanks BeyondChron!). Admittedly I wrote this almost a month ago, then hightailed it to the jungles of Peru -- just as the facts of the case were becoming clearer. Steve Jones elaborated on the case later in the game here. It's encouraging that Sixth Street residents are organizing to protect their living conditions, but the reality is that Club Six is zoned properly and obeying the rules, as far as I know. And I stand by my opinion that Six is one of the liveliest clubs in the city. Also admittedly, I jumped to some distasteful conclusions right away (although I was acting at the time on the info available -- like any good hothead blogger). But that's the fun of being a drama queen.

So now some whiny "Not In My Backyard" folks are after one of the best big hip-hop/dubwize/ragga/house spots in the Bay -- the six-and-a-half year-old Club Six.


I love Six -- the subterranean downtown-ness of it -- definitely a little rough around the edges, but nice and soft inside. The irony of this whole sad affair is that the complaining neighbors are saying that Six is too loud -- ON SIXTH STREET! Bwahahaha! Are they kidding? Not only has Six's owner, Angel Cruz, invested a ton o' duckets into soundproofing the place, but -- C'MON! --it's Sixth Street. The rowdies on the street fart louder than Club Six.

Still, Six faces its license getting pulled for a month, which would break the place. Click here to read an open letter from Angel to the nightlife community, and see how you can help (PDF). Folks like us helped save Hole in the Wall last week -- let's pitch in and keep nightlife diverse in the Bay!

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