L'Bel of the ball


By Molly Freedenberg

We get press releases all the time asking us to consume things, listen to things, attend things, write about things – from the International Conference of This and Such (no, I usually don't go) to caffeinated vodka (damn straight I'm going to try that one...). But unless these releases have something to do with what I'm working on right this second -- as in, I'm invited to a press conference on proper pool enjoyment techniques the week I'm doing Summer Guide -- or they're offering me something I actually really want -- as in, Hey! Have this pair of oxblood knee-high boots from Fluevog for free! -- they usually go into the Pile o' Papers to be Looked at and Thrown Away Later.

Library - 343.jpg
Forty feet o' spa goodness

But not when I got the invite for a mini-facial, skin consultation, and make-up application from the cosmetics company L'Bel. I mean, hey. The release said "Mobile Spa." I imagined it something like a fancy pizza delivery service: "Hello, I'd like to order a facial, a hand massage, and some flattery. Please hold the speech about how quitting smoking would be better for my skin. Please drop these off at 135 Mississippi in Potrero Hill at 2pm. Oh, wait. That's nap time. How about 3?" Who can resist that? Not me, the girl whose vanity (I mean, uh, whose dedication to the health of her skin) is only matched by her supreme laziness.

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Ain't no trash in this trailer

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