X-treme Mugler


Remember Angel? Remember flab, the folds, and the sticks and stones we called my bones? Thierry Mugler - the fashion designer who went all the way with shoulder pad fascism and added the scent of chocolate (with sublime results, if we might say so ourselves) to perfume - has evidently gone completely ape for adrenalin and weird bulgy veins in strange places, and has turned himself from a "renowned courturier to muscle-bound beast." This according to the WOW Report.

Doesn't Thierry Mugler's head look Photoshopped onto some odd prefab Frank Frazetta-style Conan bod? Courtesy of the WOW Report

WOW continues: "We reported that the 59-year-old French designer and perfumer had been lifting weights to such an extent that he bulked himself into an unrecognizable creature that required a whole new identity. Thierry now wants to be called Manfred. 'He's been incommunicado since he closed his couture house,' said a former friend. 'What he's done to his body is totally scary.' We didn't realize the extent of the damage until a friend e-mailed us a photo of the buffed and bare-naked Manfred."

Zut alors! It's like a big wake-up call to step away from the 'roids, kids. If it's real... Wake me up when it's over.